Football Analysis Software

Over the last 15 years, the software boom has hit the world of sports. More specifically, football analysis software and game-film analytics has been a burgeoning business for a handful of companies. As competition continues to evolve, gaining an advantage with the assistance of technology is simply part of the game these days.

Of all the sports in the world today, football is arguably the most complex. When you multiply the number of players on a field, two sides of the ball plus special teams, and the sheer number of formations, the outcomes and analytics can be mind-boggling. In today’s competitive landscape, football coaches need analysis software to understand the reasons why a play succeeds or fails. Analyzing 22 players on every given play is nearly impossible in real-time. Football coaches have to rely on game film to review plays and track even the smallest details. 

The game of football is unique. It requires multiple coaches to manage different aspects of the game, in on-the-spot moments, and improve all season long. Previously, practice time was the only way to fully evaluate a player’s skill, understanding, or improvements on the field. With film review now available, teams will often sacrifice a day of practice to sit down with their position coaches to meticulously watch game or practice footage. Data analysis software, when combined with video, further assists coaches in evaluating players and strategy. While watching film, athletes can view the annotations on the video, and read comments from their coaches. The analysis software brings so much value to both the coaches and the players that 95% or more of today’s coaches expect to use some type of football analysis software as part of their daily routine.

Why is it important for football coaches to use video software? 

The software allows coaches to create playlists, tag certain plays, and write notes over the top of the video. When reviewing film with athletes, coaches can critique each player on each play, and recall notes or comments to assist in practice. Game-film creates a visual aid for athletes to identify areas where they can improve. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video might be worth a million. Football video analysis software undoubtedly helps coaches prepare, but it also helps players better visualize mistakes and scenarios that lead to better comprehension. Coaches know, showing versus telling has a more positive impact on learning retention. When players are taught the correct way to analyze film, they will watch their game-film with a purpose instead of entertainment. Watching film won’t make a player more athletic, but it will help players achieve more with less athletic ability.

The game of football has greatly improved since incorporating video breakdown and analytics into practice. We can safely predict, video analysis and data analytics are here for the long haul. Technology is always changing and advances in computer-assisted decision support systems will impact football and coaching forever. As artificial intelligence (AI) improves, the amount of data and analytics for coaches to review will be overwhelming.

With a variety of football analysis programs available for coaches and schools. QwikCut is one of the leading companies that continue to innovate and add features to give schools the best video analysis software at a reasonable price.