Customer Testimonials

I have really enjoyed QwikCut this year.  It certainly has made my coaching life easier!

 Aaron Bruening
The Lutheran High School of Kansas City

Exchanging Film

“I probably had some hesitancy at the beginning as well, but now on the backside of it, I can tell you (exchanging with QwikCut) is a seamless process. You won’t have any issue at all.”

Coach Patrick Turner
Head Coach Palatka High School

Why’d You Make the Switch?

“For the price, (QwikCut) is the same thing, there’s no reason to pay more. All the features are there, all our breakdown, all our game analysis was the same.”

Coach T
Head Coach Bremerton High School

“It’s amazing to be able to pick up the phone and call the QwikCut staff. QwikCut is fast, efficient, price friendly and a family business atmosphere. That’s what QwikCut is doing and I love it.”  

Ronnie Ghent

Head Coach, Florida Community Christian College

“We were hesitant at first but once we committed and made the switch, we haven’t looked back.  We were also worried about exchanging film but the process is easy for both teams.  We are excited to get the whole school moved over.” 

Lenny Jankowski

Head Coach/AD, Vero Beach High School

“We saved thousands of dollars and the transition was easy.  I would encourage everyone to take a look at QwikCut. We moved all of our film over from Hudl and we really love the addition of the digital player grading feature.” 

Shane Boggs

Head Coach/AD, Brookwood School


“You get more hours, you get more space, you save a lot of money and the support is really good! So if you’re thinking about it, do it, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Coach Patrick Turner
Head Coach Palatka High School

Is Making the Switch Easy?

“(When using a new company) You have to feel comfortable knowing you’re going to get answers when you need answers. QwikCut always did that.”

Coach Peter Mustacio
Head Coach Cosby High School