High School Film Breakdown

Game-film breakdown for high school sports helps regularly track game performance to help coaches and players see where they need to improve most. For many sports, game film can be broken down into 2 main areas of stats: Offense and Defense.

Team stats are beneficial to review of your own team and can also help when looking at an upcoming opponent. The best stats package for your team depends on your team’s needs.

Statisticians can watch games either live or tape delayed to chart the stats. Statisticians look for certain stats that coaches and athletes are looking for. Coaches may also add to the list of standard stats with unique/different stat categories to personalize their data. By adding unique stats, a coach can run reports of one or more games to measure improvement

Not only does video analysis software have team stats for offense and defense, but athletes also have individual stats. Individual stats can help athletes analyze their strengths and weaknesses. These stats allow coaches and athletes to see the areas of their game where they need to improve and the areas they are excelling.

What if you need more data?

QwikCut has taken High School film breakdown to the next level for basketball and football by offering advanced stats! Advanced stats give coaches more data, more analytics and more reports to see the progress of each athlete.

The basic breakdown for football limits coaches to team stats and only 12 columns of data. Advanced stats for football give coaches over 40 columns of data. The extra columns of data include individual stats. Our most popular stat package amongst high school coaches is to get advanced stats for their games and basic stats for scout games.

Football program who choose to only sign-up for basic stats, must have someone on staff go through the game film and tag all of the individual stats, for athletes, the local paper and often times the school district. Choosing QwikCut’s Advanced Stats Package saves coaches precious time during a very busy season.

In 2022, QwikCut Beta tested advanced stats for basketball with a variety of different teams. There were 11 more stat categories that were tagged for the teams. These 11 categories focused on stats that happened away from the ball. This gave coaches the ability to see how each one of their players were contributing to the success of the team.

The turnaround time to breakdown high school film is either a 24-hours or 12-hours. Teams that have a lot of games and/or tournaments will want to get a stats package with quicker turnaround time to fit their film review habits into a busy schedule.

What is the next step in analytics?

 Presently, there are companies driving to develop AI analytics. Having a computer perfectly analyze game-film is at least a few years away. There are too many obstacles and subjective stats that make it very difficult to train a computer to recognize.

As of the fall of 2022, only one company has approached QwikCut about using AI for football stats. The algorithm was built to cover 20 columns of data. To properly use the program, the camera and field had to be positioned just right for the computer to run through its protocols. We tested this on youth football fields and the AI program did not work. The camera must be at the right height and the lines on the field need to be veryprominent in the video.

AI stats analysis needs to be significantly improved before teams will be able to solely use these programs. Therefore, we continue to train our statisticians to provide the best and most accurate data for a variety of high school sports. From advanced stats to turnaround times, QwikCut can assist with finding the best stats package for your team’s needs.