QwikCut Does More Than Save You Money

It’s no secret that 2020 was a difficult year for schools across the nation, resulting in many changes to how our teams/schools function. QwikCut wants to help your teams get back to what they do best, play ball!  We believe 2021 is a great year for a fresh start, we invite you to take a closer look at how QwikCut can help kickstart a positive move forward. We’ve highlighted a few reasons why switching to QwikCut can provide a little extra peace of mind.

For starters, QwikCut is significantly cheaper than competitors. With QwikCut, you can double, or even triple the amount of storage with our platform packages. Along with the platform savings, QwikCut allows you to save when adding storage – for just $100 you can add 100 additional hours. Our flexible storage options allow you to add incremental storage when you need it.

The player grading feature provided within the platform allows coaches to grade players in each play, with the ability to choose from multiple grading scales and keep grades confidential for each player. This tool, as well as the stat breakdown feature, gives coaches insight into player performance and the development of future game strategies. With the QwikCut breakdown features, coaches can apply filters to their stats to study what team patterns emerge across their games, and/or their opponents’ games.  

We see how hard your teams play, why not share with those at home who can’t attend games? Now you can, QwikCut allows your teams to livestream games through the QwikCut mobile app, giving fans instant replay at their fingertips. They can even post their favorite plays on social media, just seconds after they happen. Players are also able to share their favorite highlights on social media! Even after your athletes move on in their careers, they can keep access to their highlights, the media library, and their game footage for only $5 per year. This allows your athletes to preserve their performances and highlights forever.

QwikCut is here when you’re ready to make the switch.