The Ultimate Coaching Partnership

The group of Vendors on this page are all working together to bring value to your schools and programs. We have created this alliance to give money back to your association. The more vendors in this group that you use, the more money your group will profit.
This group of Vendors is using a Consultant, Tom McGuire. Tom has 15 years as a market and brand consultant to schools, conferences, leagues and athletic associations across the country.

If you would like to learn more about any of these vendors please reach out to Tom at twmcguire2@gmail.com

QwikCut Video & Analytics

Store, Share, and Analyze Game-Film

QwikCut has everything you need for coaches and athletes! Offering a 4, 7, and 10+ team package, QwikCut allows you to supply video analysis for the entire school. Stat packages are available for all major sports to analyze game-film and create detailed reports

Need Sideline Replay? Our close relationship with Sports Scope gives you the best replay in the Industry. Whether you need 1, 2 or 3 cameras, we have packages for every size budget.

AI Cameras – QwikCut is BETA testing their cameras this Fall, making sure schools are equipped with the latest technology for the 2024 school year.

Sideline Design

Promote Your Athletes

Sideline Design is a graphic design and social media management platform that gives users the ability to create professional graphics by simply dragging and dropping logos, pictures, and swapping colors in seconds. The company has gained a reputation as the full department solution for elite level graphics, and is used by hundreds of high schools and major college programs across the NCAA Divisions at every level.

To explore how your coaching journey can benefit from the Sideline Design x QwikCut Partnership, visit TheSidelineDesign.com/qwikcut or click below.


Educate Anywhere

No matter if the learning environment is for school or sports, Huddlbox is the Mobile Classroom that helps you and the lives you are impacting “never miss a moment.

Large screen(s), loud and clear speakers, and storage all together on wheels can be used to help improve the education experience in countless ways. Huddlboxes enhances education and elevates school performance with our innovative technology. The best part is the box graphics are personalized for your school or program and helps you make money by including sponsors on an additional, attachable sign for the back! Apart from corporate sponsorships, you can use ESSER Funding, Technology, Title One, other grant sources to help pay for your Huddlbox!

Optimum Grading

Evaluate Your Players

Optimum Grading provides a cutting-edge, industry-leading football player grading software designed to revolutionize the way athletes are evaluated. Our comprehensive grading solution empowers coaches at all levels with the tools they need to make informed decisions, improve player performance, and gain a competitive edge.

Optimum Grading prides themselves on the very first “on-field” transcript report that’s automatically generated for your players after grading. The purpose is to give coaches at the next level a way to cross-check and verify the players total body of work with a few clicks and not just rely on their highlights.

All the Tools Your Athletic Department Needs

Empowering coaches on and off the field.

Why Should My School Bundle These Products?

When your school bundles all of our products, your school/conference will get the biggest kickback from all of our vendors. The vendors are willing to give hundreds, even thousands back to your organization.

Can I Still Save if I Only Sign-Up One Team?

Yes! Each of the product listed above can be purchased for a single team, as well as entire athletic programs.

What if My School Doesn't Need Every Product?

Athletic Programs are NOT required to purchase every product listed receive a savings! The more products purchased, the higher the savings value.