Video Management Platform

Marching Band 

Perfect your performances with the latest video review technology. QwikCut provides a cloud-based service to store, share, and analyze routines (for teams or individuals). 

We understand the importance of reviewing film to perfect your routines. In today’s digital world, students are more likely to absorb and understand when the training is visual.  Leading organizations are moving to film-based education and training than ever before.

Our web-based system centralizes and keeps your performances organized for review, sharing, and educational use.  Make the move to QwikCut.

Your band will be better organized and prepared than ever!  

   Easy to Use

An intuitive user interface makes it easy to use for directors and students to easily adapt to our online learning system.  Organize film, media assets, photos and more.


Using telestrations during live-action film review is a better way to teach and synchronize performances. 

   Helpful Support

If issues arise, our friendly support team is just a click or call away.  There are no hidden fees for support. 

Marching Band QwikCut Platform

   Cloud Storage

Eliminate complex storage or online backup services.  With QwikCut, your video is secure and always available.  You can easily share, download, or manage your video without worrying about who has access. 

   Group Messaging

Communicate with large groups with ease.  Managing your member roster, permissions, and access is a breeze with QwikCut. 

   Web-Based Controls

Access your film from anywhere with any device or browser; Mobile app access, PC or MACs.

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– Get 100 hours of storage
– A full-featured
– Media library
– Highlight editor
– Flexible storage upgrades