The Alternative To Hudl

It has almost been 10 years that coaches have had the convenience of watching their  games on the internet.  Prior to that, games were burned to a DVD and then exchanged with other coaches.  What a pain?  I remember driving up to two hours on a Saturday morning to meet coaches to exchange film.  Prior to the world of DVDs, it was VHS tapes that were copied and exchanged.  Even though it was a hassle to exchange, the value of watching film was worth the traveling.

Online Video Storage

Times have changed! Now coaches can store all of their video online which makes life much easier for coaches, athletes and college recruiters. They have access to video from any device connected to the Internet. Mobile devices make up for over 50% of the logins.

How many companies offer a video platform for all sports? Is there an alternative to Hudl?

For the last 10 years Hudl has had a strong presence in the market gobbling up other companies and schools. But if you take a closer look, there are alternatives.


The Features You Need

#1 – Qwikcut offers a library for all the pictures that would be taken throughout the season.  Athletes can tag themselves in the photos and use them in their highlights.

#2 – Qwikcut offers flexible and more affordable storage.  The one digital commodity that has dropped in price dramatically over the last 10 years is storage.  It keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.  We see this trend continuing as they move to new codecs.  The codec of choice is h.265 and will reduce the file size by 40%.  This will save customers money in the long run. You can even move previous seasons over to Qwikcut.  You can move an entire season at once or just a few games at a time.  Our storage plans cost less, allowing you to keep practices, scout and game footage.

#3 – A social media element that has combined the functionality of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to give athletes the opportunity to showcase their highlights, drive college recruiters, and store all of their media from their years of competition

#4 – The price is almost half of the competition.  The football platform starts at $450 and other varsity sports are $300 each.  Bundle sports together and save even more money with our Athletic Director packages.  Most of our customers are saving 50% or more. 

#5 – Sell access to parents, grandparents and fans of your program.  If you upload the game live, they can watch live.  If you upload after the game, they will get access after the game.  Fans can build highlights of their favorite player and save up to 5 clips a game for their personal library.  If the game is uploaded live, they can immediately post a highlight on social media seconds after the play just happened.

There are also similar features that you would expect from any online platform like:

  • The ability to add athletes and assistant coaches
  • Load game film, share scout film and upload practice film
  • Athletes and coaches can build highlights and post on social media
  • Stats of any competition can be added to the platform and give the coach, game stats, season stats, individual stats
  • Athletes can create a profile and add their highlights, get their measurable stats verified like height, weight, vertical, 40 yard, shuffle, bench, etc.
  • Messaging  your athletes
  • Mobile app to do everything that the desktop app can do.

Qwikcut offers the same features head to head as Hudl and therefore makes it a great alternative to Hudl.

A Better Platform | A Better Price

What sport are you looking to store video of your practices or competitions?  Qwikcut has a slightly  different platform for each sport with stats that match your sport.  Your entire school can become a Qwikcut School.  Here are the sports available on Qwikcut: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball,  Track, and Tennis.  We also have a platform for Marching Band and Dance.  With all of these sports and activities available through Qwikcut, this becomes the perfect alternative.

Adding your stats has never been easier.  We have coordinating stats for each sport so that you can either do them yourself or let Qwikcut do them for you.  We have made it much more intuitive to add your stats.  Whether you have Qwikcut do them for you or you do them yourself, the platform will allow you to look at stats for individual games, season totals and leader board for a particular stat.

Get a free 15 day trial to upload film and try it out.

While not as common, you can also use game film to teach your team by recording a play during practice. Have your team perform whatever skill they are working on full out, while recording them. Then have them watch what they just did. This will help them clearly identify what they are doing right and what needs more help. If possible, it is better to not to tell them when you are filming so you can get a good view of what they would look like naturally.

Game film resources are an excellent way to improve your team’s performance and to highlight what needs improving. Make sure that you don’t fall behind other teams and that you use it to its full potential.

Storing your game film videos on your phone or computer takes up way too much space and can make them difficult to find. Host them with QwikCut for easy storage, sharing and analysis options that are perfect for you and your team!

"You guys are awesome! My admin was ecstatic when I told her we were going from $3,000+ a year to $600. Plus it opens up much needed funds in our budget. Thanks for all you do! "

– Coach Gamel
Jacksonville, FL