How Much Is Game Film Video Storage?

As I have traveled to numerous coaches clinics throughout the US, I keep hearing the frustration about Game Film Video Storage.  What are the real costs? And What options do we have as a school or conference.  Many conferences have mandated that everyone use the same company, which is never a good business idea. Competition always keeps the price at the best value for the customer.  Not only is there frustration about pricing of Game Film storage but confusion on how much it really costs.  Some schools that are paying $3,100 just for storage of 500 hours of video.  What does storage really cost?

In this blog we will break down the pricing of Game Film Video Storage and then help you understand that all of your scout film should not count against you.

Game Film Video Storage For One Season?

A Typical football game is on average 30 minutes of actual video or 750MB of storage.  A football team will typically have 10 games in a regular season.  That would be 5 hours of video for just your games.  If you shoot 2 or 3 angles of your games, you would average 10-15 hours of game footage.

If you get scout film each week, as you get towards the end of the season, you might have 6-8 games on your opponent.  We will go on the high side and estimate 30 games of scout footage which would equal another 15 hours of storage.

If you record an hour of practice 3 days a week, you could have another 30 hours of practice in your account for the season. This would give you an average of 75 hours of video for the season or $9 for the year for storage.  That is right $9 for the year for storage. The big cost of an online platform for Game Film Video storage is not in the storage but in the bandwidth.  The bandwidth is a fancy way of saying how many times you watch that game.

The more bandwidth you use, the cheaper per view it gets.  For the ease of it, we will use the cost of $0.10 per view.  Some guys are absolute film nuts and other guys aren’t.  We will try to find a happy medium and go with 25 views per weekend between your game film and your scout film.  That total would be $2.50 per week times 10 weeks of regular season games.

  • $9 for the year for Game film Video Storage on 75 GB of film
  • $25 for bandwidth

Total hard cost for the regular season for a football account is about $34. There is also the cost for the developers, support and marketing that makes that price go up.


The Features You Need

When you upload a game and share that game with other teams, we don’t copy that game.  If that one game is shared with 10 teams, we don’t make 10 copies. We simply give you an electronic address to watch the one game that has been uploaded by the original team.  It might appear that you have the actual video in your account, but you don’t.  You will click that game and it will be playing that one video that was originally uploaded.  If a company is charging you for scout film, you are getting scammed!  There are double dipping or triple dipping.  The one school who uploaded it originally is getting charged for storage for that one game.  And the company is now charging everyone who has access to that film.  It would count against all 10 times like they are storing that one game film.  In reality, those 10 teams are not storing that game film, all they have is an address to watch the one game that was uploaded by the original team.

Some people call this capitalism.  But when you have over 90% of the market, I call that a scam.  Why should I get dinged against my storage hours for a game that isn’t even in my account?

Game film video storage is done right by Qwikcut. We offer affordable storage at a rate of $100 for 100 hours.  We know that storage isn’t the major cost to the platform, its bandwidth.  You can move all of your previous seasons of film over to Qwikcut at no extra cost.  This is a great time to move everything over and cut your costs in half.

The pricing of Qwikcut is half the cost of the leading platform with more features.  One of the biggest eye openers is the fact that it has affordable storage.