Where Can I Store My Old Game-Film I Want to Keep?

 High School Coaches often tell us they wish they still had the game-film of their star athlete who went on to play D1 ball. For younger players, watching film from previous seasons and seeing the growth of a fellow athlete, can push them to work harder- in the weight room, during drills, and every time they hit the field. But, the continuing problem of video storage pushes coaches to delete their championship seasons, and believe it or not, results in losing that game-film forever. Yes, Forever!

Over the last few years, we’ve heard the horror stories of coaches deleting film from championship seasons or storing game film on a hard drive that crashes.  Others don’t know what to do with older game film.

That’s why QwikCut has built the archive film feature in the platform! You can archive an entire season with a single click. We’ll store your video securely on Amazon servers, in case you want to watch the championship game of 94’ again… and again! And the best part, it no longer counts against your storage. It’s super easy to archive or purge an entire season of practice film or scout film.

With QwikCut, you finally have the space to convert and store all your old 8MM, VHS tapes, or DVDs of game-film and have them stored safely in the QwikCut platform. We make it easy and affordable to store and manage all your game footage on one platform, at a fraction of the price of competitors.