The Short Answer: QwikCut

Coaches know that game-film helps improve athletes’ performance by watching their film back to perfect techniques, develop strategies, and uncover tendencies. No matter how stubborn players can be, you have the power to show that FILM DOESN’T LIE, and neither does your time spent watching film. This is why the QwikCut platform is allows you to monitor and measure your entire program’s viewing habits of game film. 

Once logged in to the QwikCut platform, look under the “My Team” module to view the amount of time coaches and players are spending in the platform. Our platform offers more detail to take your viewing management to the next level.

Whatever day you check-in, the system tracks the last 7 days and gives you a total amount of time spent in the video library.  Not only will it track the time and clip count, but also the actual game and clip number.

According to statistics, 65% of the population is visual learners, meaning there’s a high likelihood if your athletes aren’t watching their film back, they’re not growing. Hold your players accountable and challenge them to be the best athlete they can possibly be! Assign them to watch their film after a game and have the data to know when they are either bluffing or working to improve themselves.