Digital Player Grading

Coaches, are you looking for a more accurate way to measure a player’s overall performance?  Stats can tell you a lot about an individual’s performance. However, tracking game stats alone is not the most accurate way to measure a player’s impact in a game. Determining who is putting out the most effort or missing assignments will never show up in a box score. With our Player Grading Module, coaches can evaluate and grade athletes on every single play. Player grading is an exclusive feature that allows coaches to grade, monitor, measure, and report on key metrics that often go untracked.

We provide a default set of categories for grading such as Technique, Effort, and Hustle, or you can create your own.

Elevate game performance by pinpointing deficiencies.

Group and manage your players by Position Coach for easy tracking and workload diversification. Document evaluation recaps, add confidential coaches notes or player notes for collaboration with other coaches. 

Player Grading by QwikCut is the most accurate way to measure a player’s true contribution for a single play, a whole game, or an entire season. Going digital with Player Grading will keep you ahead of your competition.  

Watch film with a purpose.

Start your free trial with QwikCut and test out the Player Grading Module, built by Coaches for Coaches.

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